Disarming Fear

source http://ecstazymas.ru/asha-kupit-shmig.html The six year old girl stared at the wrinkled knuckle of his index finger. There, so close to her face, it pressed tightly against the trigger of a handgun. The cold barrel sucked warmth from a spot above her eyes. She stood motionless, waiting for the inevitable and final sound she would ever hear.

http://telegra.ph/Sbyt-narkotikov-i-otvetstvennost-za-nego-po-state-04-12 In this moment she had no body, no arms or legs, no parents, no schoolmates or summer vacations. She had no future. No past. Even the concept of time was erased. All of her being was focused on the singular point of contact between steel and skin.

get link Fear filled all of her senses: Filled them to overflowing.

Североморск купить Снег Fear is a disabler. Fear is a taser to the brain. Fear is liquid nitrogen to the soul. In our work and at home, fear can burn our eyes so brightly that it overwhelms our ability to see.


Unless one learns how to deal with the fear.

How many times has James Bond had a gun to his head? A bomb at his feet? Innumerable. But how is it that our daring 007 survives? He’s learned that fear is only a chemical reaction to the presence of a problem or challenge.

here Fear is a distraction; it is not the thing itself.

This is how 007 survives; he knows fear to be a distraction, a diversion, a red herring. Realizing this, he is loosed from his bonds; the shackles fall away and he is able to see the challenge for what it is — nothing more than a problem in search of a solution.

Not being blinded by the fear, he is free to address the problem, utilizing all of his knowledge, skills and abilities.

Like most entrepreneurs who have survived, I’ve learned that great – and sometimes seemingly insurmountable — problems now come to me without the cloak of fear.  I’ve learned to see through it to the challenge underneath… the challenge that seeks a solution. While outcomes are not always predictable or even favorable, seeing through the fear gives one the freedom to act with clarity and expediency.

Our six year-old child was lucky…or blessed.  I know this because I met her — now an adult — when I recently performed a leadership keynote and workshop in Texas.

When the chemistry of fear overwhelms your senses, stop and see it for what it is: a distraction.

Look through the cloak of fear and see the real challenge underneath. It calls to you for a solution. Use your knowledge, skills and abilities to live another day. Seek advice. Call out the reserves. Bring in the cavalry. You see, fear can be disarming. It can also be disarmed.

Even if the challenge overcomes you for the moment, you will always know you’d done everything in your power to defeat it. Fear did not stop you. And when you live to see tomorrow… it will mean you’ve defeated fear. Again.

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3 Responses to Disarming Fear

  1. What an insightful post, Jeff! Thanks.

    • Jeffrey Tobin says:

      Thank you, Barbara. Fear surely gets in the way, doesn’t it? Not that you’d know much about that… you’re pretty fearless!

  2. Eric Kulikowski says:

    Jeff, nice post. Ya know, in humans fear is natural. And because we see it as a natural reaction, some people also see it as something that is supposed to be there and it must be respected. And there way of respecting it is allowing it to take over. Once one realizes that fear can be disarmed and fear can be overcome, it becomes a “drug” that can be taken in every fearful moment for the rest of your life. I respect fear – A LOT. BUt I also know fear is intended to make me better and push me to stretch. Fear is like knowledge – good for you when used properly.

    Stay amazing Jeff!!

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