You Have No Future

марихуана в аптеке Think of a strawberry. Round, red and ripe. The surface is firm, and covered with myriad, flaxen-colored seeds. Can you count them?

While studying this dew-kissed tongue-teasing tart, you notice the simplicity, and the complexity, of the regimented rows of seeds. Like a North-Korean army on parade, they arrange themselves in perfectly straight, evenly spaced lines. No one seed encroaches upon another. Perfect symmetry. 

On its top is a green and leafy cap. Flat as the petals of a daisy, it clings tightly to its prize.

And that scent: Crisp and sweet, it attacks the senses like a sugary-sweet ammonia.  Eyes widen; pupils dilate.

And then, the first bite. As if in preparation for an attack, the mouth bathes itself… preparing to be drenched with nature’s powerful perfume.

Your tongue reaches out to feel the strawberry’s rough skin. Your teeth press on the outer layer. It fights back only momentarily, then gives itself to you completely.

The coolness on your teeth. The sudden burst of nature’s sweet, sweet sugar.  It  explodes in your mouth as your lips stand guard against losing a single drop of the precious red nectar.

To meet the onslaught, your mouth’s gland-cannons fight back with another shot of their own. The barrage of strawberry flavor fills every corner.

The teeth press juice-gems from every fragment. The tongue paints their cool sweetness on every surface of your mouth.

You then experience the ultimate culmination of it all; the deafening flavors slip to the back of your throat and disappear into the dark and gaping abyss.


“I am eating a strawberry.” The words alone pale in comparison to the actual activity. In this moment is discovered a glorious rise of sensations, the brain becoming awash in its climax of clamoring chemicals.

Is there anything more powerful than the moment?

Let’s try the future. “I will eat a strawberry.” Those words have no power. They are only a thought, a prognostication, fleeting wish. They offer nothing more than last of a dwindling firework.  One cannot “have” a future, because it exists only in the imagination.

When you got up today, how did you live? “I have to get to work.” While driving to work, “I have a to-do list.” While doing those items, “I have to arrange that meeting.” While in the meeting, “I’d better get working on that project.” And on and on. In that place, you are living in a fantasy.

“I will eat a strawberry.”

“I am eating a strawberry.” Where is the joy? Only in the moment. 

You have no future. All you have is the now. If you do nothing else today, set aside some time to eat your strawberry, whatever that is for you. Take it in. Soak in it. Be mindful of the moment. The future will come, but not now. This moment is only thing you really have.

Savor it!


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