The Benefits of Getting High

Новоаннинский купить кокс I had just taken off from Tampa International Airport and we began our slow, upward sweep toward the sky. With the plane banking to the right, I enjoyed a birds-eye view of the idyllic patchwork landscape. Small clouds looked like popcorn strewn on a carpet as they cast their puffy dark shadows on the peaceful bay far below.

Just one hour earlier, I’d had a very different view of the city. There, with temperatures nearing 100 degrees, cars honked their displeasure at each other and police sirens rose above the din of people, snarled traffic, squawking birds, and those who feel that cell phone conversations are best had when one is yelling.

We can see our own lives from either of these two perspectives, yet it is rare for us to enjoy the bird’s-eye view.

How are we to make sense of it all from the ground level?

The answer is that we can’t.

Today I am writing in hopes that you will take time to see the bigger picture… the other truth of who you are. Today I want you to find time to step away from the everyday noise of life, the hubbub in the suburb, so to speak. Take flight — flight from the din of ground-level. Only from that altitude can you see what you are creating. And even more… what it is you want to create.

Living life in the city of each moment is how we go about living. But seeing that life – what is being created – is absolutely crucial to creating a life worth living.

Here are a few ways to go about getting the bird’s eye view, the other truth, about your life.

1) follow site Admit that your life is more about the “moment-to-moment” than it is about creating your bigger plan.
2) go to link Set time to fly high above the city of your life to see what you are actually creating.
3) Get away to a quiet place for a full day. No cell phone. No email. No internet.
4) source url Write down the things that are truly important to you. Don’t worry about the order, spelling or what anyone else might think. Just write. And write a lot.
5) Очёр купить иней Prioritize your list.
6) Купить скорость в Ask yourself if your actions (at ground level) are reflective of what you really want.
7) go Make adjustments to your life now. Don’t wait.

That’s it. What you want to create is a continuity between your ground-level living and the beauty of what you see with a bird’s-eye view. Then, simply act like it. Make changes to your life that reflect the beautiful image you see from above.

What do you want to create? Contrary to a common expression, click here it isn’t always your attitude, but your altitude, that makes all the difference.


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  1. Jannice Moore says:

    Well put, Jeff. Most of us don’t make enough time for a regular high altitude look at our lives, and even more importantly, at re-aligning ground level actions to be consistent with what we say is important. This was a great reminder!

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