A Converse-ation with Yourself

Малорита купить кокаин стаф в Михайловка I just returned from a week-long conference at the spectacular Gaylord Resort and Convention Center just outside of Washington, DC. The center handled the 3500 attendees like butter melting into warm bread.

go You can imagine how easy it would be to disappear into that crowd of thousands. Face after face, name tag after name tag… these many individuals merged into a moving tapestry of the indefinite.

That is, except for me.

From the moment I stepped out of my car at the vast valet area, to the final conference goodbyes, I was something of a topic. I was “the guy in the red high-top Converse All-Stars.” The valets, the bellhops, conference attendees, guests and their children, noted – and commented on – the guy in the red sneakers. My shoes made people happy. They made me happy. And they made me unique.

I wasn’t so gauche as to wear them for the entire conference; I didn’t need to. Once people identified me as the guy in the red high-tops, I was always the guy with the red high-tops, whether I was wearing them or not.

It wasn’t my intention to be noticed, but what amazed me was how quickly and easily I’d made an impression. Why was it easy? Because the guy in the red shoes was alone in a field of men who chose brown or black shoes.

What I’m getting at here is a visualization of something you wear internally. What are your red shoes? What is the quality (or qualities) that really sets you apart from the rest of the world? What is it about you that distinguishes you from the crowd?

Some find it hard to look at themselves and see the gifts that others see. If it’s hard for you to identify and embrace your strengths so they show like a pair of red shoes, here are a few methods that might be helpful.

  1. Ask yourself what people are referring to when they say, “Hey, you’re really good at that!”
  2. What activities bring you the greatest joy? (Hint: they don’t have to be work-related.)
  3. What are the things that seem to come more easily to you than to others?
  4. What do people come to you for when they need help?

Sometimes it’s hard to accept our gifts, and even harder to vocalize them. I’ve finally accepted that most people really enjoy my sense of humor and witty remarks. (Except for my wife who tired of it decades ago!) Also, people come to me because I help them gain perspective, overcome obstacles and make real progress in their lives.

How do I know this? Because people tell me. These are my red high-tops. They are what make me stand out in the crowd. And they’re part of the reason there is only one Jeffrey Tobin.

So don’t be afraid! What are your red shoes? Go out and wear them for the whole world to see!






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  1. Emily White says:

    Hi Jeff,

    It made me realized that in order for me to come on top I should believe what can I do and show my best qualities so that people around me will notice it. Thanks for the inspiring post.

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