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The Benefits of Getting High

влияние цвета на эмоции человека I had just taken off from Tampa International Airport and we began our slow, upward sweep toward the sky. With the plane banking to the right, I enjoyed a birds-eye view of the idyllic patchwork landscape. Small clouds looked like … Continue reading

акт выхода из строя образец
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My Objection to Perfection

резко упал сахар что делать It was fairly late to get a call from the president of an organization for which I was a volunteer. Something was really wrong, and needed attention for our early morning meeting the next day. “Can you come early tomorrow?” … Continue reading иркутск пхукет расписание рейсов
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A Converse-ation with Yourself схема предохранителей тойота калдина I just returned from a week-long conference at the spectacular Gaylord Resort and Convention Center just outside of Washington, DC. The center handled the 3500 attendees like butter melting into warm bread. You can imagine how easy it would be … Continue reading стих пушкина о люблю буду любить
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