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The Peril of Positive Thinking равис график работы челябинск In 1952, Norman Vincent Peale published a book entitled, The Power of Positive Thinking. It’s a self-help book that was written to help its readers realize their potential, and it continues to be a foundational self-help resource even after 60 … Continue reading follow link
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Spiritual, Not Religious

see url John Lennon once urged us to imagine how our lives would be with no religion. Today we don’t have to imagine it, because the answer is clear: we would be less happy. For users of Facebook and numerous other social … Continue reading

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Why You Need a Purpose Statement I am no poet. You bet I know it. But that kind of thinking won’t stop me. So I’ve written this rhyme in rhythm and time, in  hopes that I really don’t blow it. Wish me luck. Here goes:   … Continue reading
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