How to Stage Your Own Corporate Takeover I don’t care if you are the lowest of the low on the employee hierarchy, you can probably take over your company without investing even a penny.

Today I want to show you how to take command of most everyone and everything around you at work. This includes, but is not limited to, the direction of the company, the purpose of the organization, productivity and even profits.

Imagine you’ve gone to see a play. The curtains open and the play begins. Each actor fills his or her character role exceptionally well. The story is compelling and engaging. But something is wrong: at the end of each scene, you see stage hands come out, turn the scenery around and replace the furnishings on stage. You feel as though you’re watching a rehearsal.

And then it strikes you. It’s the lighting! The lights are all bright, and always on. There are no mood changes. Nothing to help direct your attention.

So you look in the program to see who is in charge of lighting. While every other technical position is filled, the name for the Lighting Director… is blank.

At intermission, you sneak to the light booth and run the lighting for the second act. Suddenly the story is more cohesive. Scene changes are seamless and the action in each scene is beautifully highlighted. You’ve filled a void that no one noticed was missing. You took the command of the empty seat and dramatically improved the entire production.

And now that the players have seen the light, so to speak, there’s no going back. They’re hooked. And they’re hooked on you

In most organizations, a seat has gone unfilled. It’s the seat for the Culture Director. There is a horrible culture vacuum that must be filled, but few are aware of the need. Where there is no intentional culture, there is a vacuous hole. Take command of the culture, and you’ll take control of the company. You don’t need to be the CEO to do it. Culture is the company. It’s the people, the passion. The culture is the show.

Here’s how you can turn on the lights and take over your company:

Define the ways you want people to act: with integrity, creativity and fun, with caring and a desire to invest in the growth of other people are some examples. Educate others about your plans. Confidently act them out yourself. Stand for nothing less from others. Set the example and shine a light on those who emulate the culture you’re creating.

No one gets off the hook, not even the boss. And if they choose not to participate, they won’t last long; the pressure to perform will be too great.

The Culture Director seat is yours and is waiting to be filled. Now is your chance. Sneak in and take control of your new domain. You could be the one person who lights up the whole company. And the standing ovation that follows will be for you.



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