Learn More, Better, Faster: Sleep

http://thorobuildcare.co.in/flow/pusobek.html It may be time to tell the boss you’re going to take a nap.

follow link And there’s good research to back you up.

If you want to learn more, learn faster, and learn more deeply, all you have to do is nothing; sleep is the solution.

I have a particular interest in how the brain works… probably because I’m always trying to fix mine.  And I’m passing this news along to my readers like you – all of whom have most excellent brains – so they can continue to overwhelm the inferior brains of my non-readers.

If you want to make progress more rapidly, sleep. More and more research tells us that sleep is the magic formula for learning. There are some very complex processes going on in your brain when you learn, but there’s no need to lose sleep trying to figure out how they work; I’ll just give you the short version:

Think of learning like seasoning a nice sirloin. One way is to season it right before you eat it: a little salt and pepper perhaps, and you’re off.  The other way is to marinate it, or let it rest in the seasonings.

Seasoning the meat just before eating finds the seasonings resting on the surface of the meat. They have little chance to “soak in”, and have every chance of being brushed off the surface in the simple act of grilling or serving.

Letting the meat rest in the seasonings for a few hours, or overnight, causes the seasonings to make physical changes in the meat, becoming a part of its makeup.

When we throw facts at the brain, they have a rather short life-span. They don’t become “sticky” and are easily lost.  Learning and then letting the brain “marinate,” so to speak, these bits of information move from short-term learning to long-term learning. It’s that simple.

Additionally, shorter periods of learning – with frequent refreshing breaks – lead to deeper learning. You are actually better off studying for short periods with frequent breaks, than sticking your head in the books for hours on end. And sleep has a tendency to make that learning “sticky,” even if for only a short nap.

Here are the simple sleep rules of learning more, better and more deeply.

http://pornstarsare.us/aside/metadon-v-velikom-luki-1.html Sleep 8 hours a night. Moving from 6 hours to 8 hours of sleep can increase learning up to 25%. Who woulda thought?

Take naps. Yes! A daytime nap of even 20 minutes is all it takes.  Go through any learning process, then take a brief nap. (If security wakes you up, the least you’ll learn is to set an alarm next time.)

Take a break. If you can’t nap, then at least get away from your work (mentally and physically). Move around;  get some oxygen into your system every 30 minutes or so.

Just by reading this article, your brain is already more powerful.

Now, take a nap!


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