One Word That Changes Everything

source url Change - Employee EngagementOne word can change your organization. Seriously. One word. And here’s how it works:  If you were to sift every goal you have, every plan of action, and every contact you have with others through this one word, it would change not only what you do for a living, the organization for which you work and the people with whom you come in contact, but also the whole world as you see it.

I’m reticent to mention the word so early in this article for fear you will think it silly and toss the thought without giving it consideration.  So if I tell you the word, will you promise to finish reading the article?  Will you promise to give me a moment and allow me to show you what I mean?

Okay.  I’ll take your word.

And here’s mine: “Caring”

Now don’t give me that look… don’t roll your eyes!  Just give me 60 seconds to explain.

I’ve read dozens of books on management and leadership. I’ve reviewed hundreds of studies on these subjects, too.  But it seems the simplicity of the word, “caring” just doesn’t command a lot of attention.  This powerful word is given barely a glance by most writers.

Studies and surveys dissect the reasons for growth, or the lack of it, yet most of them miss – or omit – the glaring common denominator: caring.

Here’s how I define it:

When goals, decisions and actions are determined through the lens of caring, the three greatest impediments to growth are immediately fractured.  The impediments are the lack of connection, communication, and personal development. When this Cerberus of progress is slain, there is little left in the way of your success.

go Caring connects.  Caring develops relationships between and among people.  It builds trust.  It develops teams.  It traverses the great divides of race, gender, politics and religion.  When you express care for others, it’s nearly impossible to remain disconnected. Caring communicates.  When caring meets communication, it listens, it empathizes, it respects, it responds.  It effectively roots out misunderstanding, and cultivates clarity and understanding.  Most of all, it develops the most powerful growth force imaginable: purpose.

Caring develops.  Caring means investing in others.  This can be as complex as personalized training, or as simple as recommending a good book or article.  Looking for ways to advance the development of others takes almost no effort, and pays dividends that can’t be calculated.

Scrap the books, the leadership seminars and workshops.  You don’t need to get a masters degree in management; just hold every goal, decision and action against a template of caring.  Your past will no longer hold you to itself; you will have created an entirely new — and much bigger — future.

“How can I achieve this in a caring way?”  It’s all you need to ask.  Your answers to the question will change you, your work, everyone and everything around you.

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3 Responses to One Word That Changes Everything

  1. Interesting thought, Jeffrey. I have never tried to sum up my life/philosophy/the world as I see it in one word. I appreciate the fact that “caring” is your word. Although, by sheer definition, that is YOUR word, and it “could” also be mine, but I doubt it. When others zig, I tend to zag. Thanks for challenging me to think more about this….details to follow!

    • Jeffrey Tobin says:

      Thanks, Kristin. I think of “caring” as one word that can change everything. There are other words that can change everything around us, also. You should be okay as long as your word isn’t “archaeopteryx.”

  2. Jim Evans says:

    Good word Jeffrey. The old adage: “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care” comes to mind. Trust is foundational to all team productivity and caring is foundational to trust. A timely reminder in the bottom-line, tech-driven, impersonal world we exist in.

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