Setting Goals? Ride a Unicycle! I’ve always been a person who likes a new challenge.  A few of years ago, I decided to learn how to ride a unicycle. Don’t ask me why.  Perhaps it was because I would have had to spend twice as much money on something with two wheels instead of one.

After doing some research online, I went to my local bike shop and picked up a new Torker 24″ unicycle. And I had absolutely no idea what to do with it.

Sadly, neither did the shop owner.

Even with Youtube training videos, learning came slowly for me.  They say it takes the average person about 10 hours to get the hang of it.  It took me 10 hours just to put the stupid thing together.  Still, with time and numerous spills, I finally got the hang of it. The bloody scars on my legs eventually healed and the vultures stopped circling!

One glorious day after numerous failed attempts to go even 20 yards, everything clicked and I rode about 70 yards – far more than I had ever ridden.

That’s when the applause broke out.

One of our neighbors was having an outdoor party.  Apparently, I was a peripheral part of their entertainment, and they’d been keeping an eye on me.  When I made that awesome long-distance ride, they applauded, whistled and yelled in congratulations.  I was surprised and a bit embarrassed, but happy.  After an exaggerated vaudeville bow, I traipsed back to my beginning point to try again.

Nowadays I can travel a significant distance on my unicycle without falling, and the work it’s taken has finally paid off. Some may think the whole thing is just silly, but to me, it’s a huge personal accomplishment. It’s the kind of personal accomplishment I want you to enjoy, also.

What does all of this have to do with your personal progress? The answer is found at the intersection at which unicycling and your significant progress meet. Here’s what I found there:

  1. купить Эйфоретик Инсар Pick a challenging goal.  Find something that will really stretch you.
  2. Tell people about it.  Make yourself accountable. I know, this is uncomfortable because you’ll worry about failure and embarrassment. But get this: If it’s a very challenging goal, they’ll admire you for that alone.
  3. Just keep going.  Riding a unicycle is a very odd experience because the rider is never balanced, never relaxed.  It’s a constant battle to keep oneself upright and moving. The point is this: Big goals are not comfortable. Just keep riding.
  4. Wait for the applause.  When the goal is challenging, those around you know it and will root for you to succeed. Set yourself a big goal and put in the effort necessary to make it come true. I’m betting you have one in mind as you read this article, so go for it!

Achieving a challenging goal is just like riding a unicycle. Well, there is one difference: Big goals don’t leave lasting marks on your shins and calves.


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2 Responses to Setting Goals? Ride a Unicycle!

  1. Kate Geiger says:

    I did ride all over the neighborhood in my teen years. I am not sure my knees could take it now, but I like the intent. I pick another goal and keep riding. (PS Still have the Unicycle)

  2. Elaine says:

    This is great. I am always trying to get to a point of comfort. I always think, “If only I would be at a certain point. . ..”

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