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Let Your Dreams Begin

результаты огэпо русскому яз 2017 On my left is a cliff that drops 500 meters.  On my right, another which drops even farther.  The knife’s edge ribbon running along this ridge is a single-lane road, no wider than our van, and with no significant barriers. … Continue reading план воспитательной работыс детьми группы риска
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One Word That Changes Everything

цифровая фоторамка digma pf 1030 One word can change your organization. Seriously. One word. And here’s how it works:  If you were to sift every goal you have, every plan of action, and every contact you have with others through this one word, it would … Continue reading

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Setting Goals? Ride a Unicycle!

учитель любовь рассказ I’ve always been a person who likes a new challenge.  A few of years ago, I decided to learn how to ride a unicycle. Don’t ask me why.  Perhaps it was because I would have had to spend twice as … Continue reading

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