Self-service Saps Success. Seriously.

бошки в Стародубе Мытищи купить Кока Do you want to move ahead? Need a significant bump in income? Are you the competitive entrepreneur who wants to climb to the top of the heap? Well if you haven’t accomplished it yet, here’s your chance to learn the one, singular lesson you’ll need to make it all happen.

Купить закладки кокаин в Болотном It’s a simple lesson and it’s thousands of years old. Best of all, you don’t need to go to a seminar or spend hours in training to learn it.

Как зарегистрироваться на рампе The lesson is this:

go “If you want your dreams to come true, make the dreams of others come true, first.”

go here Does that sound trite? Overly simplistic, perhaps? Self-evident? You may be right. But my guess is that having heard this so many times in our lives, we underestimate its impact. You will also recognize this phrase as a simple play on the words of Jesus: “Love others as you’d like to be loved yourself.”

The author would not agree that His words were meant to help you get ahead of others. Theologically they are not. But as a business philosophy, they apply nonetheless.

Some call it “servant leadership” – an excellent expression – but let’s see how it conflicts with today’s business mythologies.

As business people, we’ve been trained that power is accumulated by holding your cards close to the vest. We’ve heard that training others to master your skills will eventually lead to your replacement. This kind of thinking leads to fear and stagnation.

Your job as leader is to invest in the success of others. Moreover, your job as leader is to make progress. By definition, you are to create growth and move things forward. (Leadership is unnecessary when maintaining the status quo.) If you want to shine, build others up. Train them. Thank them. Recognize them. Invest everything you’ve got in their success. This is what helps others grow. And in turn, they make the organization grow.

The result of all of this is you grow right along with them. And there’s the job security you really want!

Investing in others doesn’t just feel good; it works. But you’ve got to be consistent and sincere about it.

Here’s how to start growing your employees:

  • Stop giving them the answers. Oblige them to devise their own solutions.
  • Give them the latitude to try. Your way is certainly one way to get something done. What’s theirs?
  • Give them autonomy. Autonomy means freedom to act on his or her own.
  • Give them authority. Give them the power to take action.
  • Give them responsibility. With authority comes responsibility. If the project fails, share the responsibility. If it succeeds, pass along all of the glory.
  • Allow space for mistakes. You will make them, so be gracious to others when they make their own.

Future super-leader, do you want to get ahead? Do you want to make your mark? The surest, fastest way for you to achieve your dreams is to help others achieve theirs.


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3 Responses to Self-service Saps Success. Seriously.

  1. Jeff,
    You are right on the mark! Servant-leadership is very powerful, besides being a great way to live your life. Great books on this by Robert Greenleaf, and Max DePree. It’s also the style of leadership described as Level 5 Leadership by Jim Collins in “Good to Great.”

  2. Great, great advice, and well said. My Dad told us that good leaders work to create more leaders, not more followers. Sounds like a simple plan – but if it is, why isn’t it done more frequently? You’ve pointed out the answer in your bullet points, which each require one thing: giving up “control” – and that’s the hurdle that is so high for most of us. Keep beating the drum, Jeff, and reminding of of these important points – hopefully, more people will listen to you!

    • Jeffrey Tobin says:

      What a valuable perspective: good leaders work to create more leaders, not more followers. Beautiful! Thank you.

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