You Are Much Cooler Than You Think Кумертау купить кокс I’m funny. I have a quick wit. I am an excellent and creative problem solver. I help people gain clarity about their lives. I exude confidence. And I am also extremely humble, thank you. At this point, you’ve probably labeled me a braggart, but I’m not bragging. I’ve simply stated facts. They are no less true than that I am 6’1, am male, can’t remember people’s names to save my life, and stink at task-oriented activities.

Here’s why I’m telling you all of this: I wouldn’t have made the progress I have in my life if I didn’t acknowledge and employ my gifts, nor would I if I were afraid to admit them to others. The reason is this: I want people to know at least two things about me — how I can be helpful, and when I cannot be.

Think of yourself and the people around you as different types of tools in a carpenter’s shop. You wouldn’t grab a hammer to mix paint. You wouldn’t use a hand saw to measure distance, and you’d not use a nail gun to cut a two-by-four in half (as fun and interesting as that might be to try, it’s NOT a suggestion!).

Should a wrench be embarrassed to be a wrench? A screwdriver a screwdriver? No. They each have their purposes and they perform them perfectly.

Think about the people around you. You can pick out specific people who would be best to organize an event, for example, and who would not. And so it goes that each person is a good fit for some things and not for others. Simple.

When the eyes of others are on you, don’t they see your certain traits and abilities just as well as you see theirs? Of course they do. They already know where you shine and where you don’t, so don’t feel all embarrassed about admitting your gifts, and don’t worry  about your weaker areas.

When you can confidently state the obvious gifts you bring to the table, you immediately become more effective — and more valuable to others. If you’re a wrench, you’re a wrench. Be inwardly proud about your “wrenchiness”, and be motivated to get out there and  wrench things.

Okay, now stop for a moment and name three obvious gifts that others would immediately recognize and admire in you.

No, no… you cannot read on until you’ve made your list. I’ll wait.

Still waiting.

Okay. Now you can read on.

Those gifts are where your strengths lie. They are how you make a difference. They are the fuel that will propel you into your most amazing future.

Admit it! You’re as cool as I am! Admit your abilities and go do something with them.

You’ll save hours and hours and hours of time.
You’ll make greater progress, much faster.
You’ll suddenly become more valuable to others around you.

Identify and accept your gifts, employ them every chance you get, and you’ll see how your world changes around you.

So what will you do differently now?

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