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Don’t Interview… “Innerview”

see url Here’s some exciting news: our employees are not engaged. Really? That’s news? Most new studies show the same old drivel, so who needs more studies about employee engagement? Results like these surprise us as much as a study announcing that … Continue reading

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You Are Much Cooler Than You Think

go site I’m funny. I have a quick wit. I am an excellent and creative problem solver. I help people gain clarity about their lives. I exude confidence. And I am also extremely humble, thank you. At this point, you’ve probably labeled … Continue reading

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Strategic Planning…for Failure

source url Vision, Mission, Values, Strategy, Goals, Action Plans, Objectives, Tasks.  These are the typical stages – in the proper order – for getting things done in business. And it is precisely this list and its order which is the cause of … Continue reading
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