Mind Control and How to Use It Wisely

Шарья купить крек http://massageyucaipa.com/blaze/xogimomu.html Did you ever think that you might actually have the power of mind control? You do! You have the ability to switch people’s brains on and off at will. Below is the secret to this power and how you can command it.

I recently went out with a number of my office product company workers on a large office furniture installation. It involved the assembly of many panels, work-surfaces, filing and shelving.

Half-way through the installation, the client asked if we could stop and make all of the “cubes” smaller in both length and width. That was like asking to change the flavor of a cake after it was already in the oven.

Before I could grab some paper and sketch out my ideas, one of my neophyte installers stopped me and calmly explained how it could be done.

My first thought was of disbelief. This new guy had found a solution faster than I, even  after my 20 years in the business! But it was my second thought that stunned me: I’d stopped thinking. My brain shut down at the very moment I deferred to his authoritative perspective. When he took ownership of the challenge, I felt my input was no longer necessary. I was happy to accept his ideas and I began to reassemble the offices. http://telegra.ph/Kannabis-cena-04-08 He had inadvertently turned off my brain!

When a manager goes head-long into offering solutions to a challenge, most of the other minds in the room shut off. They stop thinking. The manager actually shuts down the minds of his or her audience by solving the challenge him- or her-self. It’s mind control!

When you provide the solutions to others,  you retain ownership of the problem and automatically send all of your associates –  and their brainpower – back to their desks. If you want employee engagement, this is not the way to use the power of mind control.

At your next meeting in which there is a problem to be solved, don’t give your solution; ask the staff for theirs. Use this one simple phrase: “What do you think?” Ask it, then sit back and listen. Make sure that you:

  • Involve everyone. Encourage response from every person in the room
  • Don’t allow anyone to criticize any of the forthcoming ideas. Criticism will shut the room down in a hurry
  • Listen carefully and take notes of all of their ideas

Once the ideas are on the table, ask the question again. “So, what do you think?” This is how to control the minds of your staff in order to engage their brains. Not only that, but this process also conveys your confidence in your staff. It builds relationships. It provides you with differing perspectives. When ideas come from your staff, you motivate them to act on those ideas themselves. And chances are excellent you’ll end up with a better solution than your own.

Use your power of mind control for good: don’t solve every problem yourself. Kick-start the minds of others by asking for their ideas.

So here’s my question for you…

What do YOU think?

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  1. Jeffrey,

    Great post and oh so true! Leaders would do well to heed your advice!


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