How to Take Yourself to the Next Level

Соли закладки москва go to site Recently my wife Laura convinced me to hook up the Wii again so we could do the Wii Fit exercises. Now, every night after dinner I have to go Wii.

This evening we did some yoga sessions while the Wii kept track of our balance and posture electronically. It became immediately evident that I would not reach the “Advanced Yoga Super Ninja Pajama Master” level for quite some time. Laura, however, has done it enough now that it looks easy.

If you want to get to the next level, don’t push yourself too hard; just put the basics in place. Sooner than you think, you’ll master the next level and keep on moving forward. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Карабаново купить крек Define attributes to emulate
    Make a list of about 10 people you know whom you admire for one reason or another. To the right of each name, list at least three attributes that you admire about that person. Then, look over the total list of traits and circle the three you noted most frequently. These are the attributes you consider to be of significant importance. Keep them in front of you at all times so that they become burned into your brain. The more frequently you recall them, the better you will embody those behaviors.
  2. watch Associate with people who are “ahead” of you
    Humans have the inclination to congregate with people who are like themselves. It’s true in social and business organizations, churches, the media, and quite evidently, in restaurants. Chances are good that most of the people in your circles are very much like you.
    As you walk into your future, make conscious efforts to spend more time with people who share your values, but who have also achieved greater success than you. Don’t be afraid! In a short while, you’ll be one of the crowd. After all, they’ve all passed by the same place on their paths as you are on yours. And they’ll help you to the next level.
  3. Embrace your weaknesses
    Are you good at everything? Of course not. But for some reason we all have this gnawing feeling that we should be. When you identify your areas of weakness, you can find others who bring strength where you are weak. Knowing – and embracing – your weaknesses gives you the opportunity to build great teams!
    You already know what your areas of weakness are. For me, they’re math, remembering people’s names, organization, repetitive tasks and numerous others. If something gives you fear or you have a hard time doing it, it’s probably an area of weakness.
  4. Гай купить ускоритель Identify your strengths
    Ask yourself why people come to you. How do you help them? What is it about you that is attractive to them? What do people tell you they like about you? Answer these questions and you’ll quickly identify some of your greatest strengths. Accept them humbly and apply them as frequently as possible in everything you do.

To achieve your “Advanced Yoga Super Ninja Pajama Master” level, merely start with the basics. Just remember to do your little Wii every day.

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