How to Make The Right Decision, Every Time

go go to site A cousin of mine recently stopped by my office. It was a surprise and a welcome visit from someone I don’t see very often. But it was something she said – almost an aside – that changed my thinking… about thinking. And I want you to know about it, too.

Закладки Maria is smart, engaging, and has a lovely countenance about her. She and I grew up in a very loving environment. Throughout our childhood, the Italian side of our families gathered together at every possible opportunity. Her father Floyd was the patron saint of our summer reunions. I have very fond memories of those days. I never knew him to be anything but happy, and his exuberance was contagious, indeed. Floyd has since passed on, but his legacy lives on in all who knew him. Maria shared a part of that legacy I’m passing along to you today.

Throughout her life, Maria perceived that her father always seemed to make the right decisions. No matter what the circumstance, he always came out on top. She knew it wasn’t dumb luck. It wasn’t because of unique instincts or a particularly vast intellect. So how did he do it?

Maria discovered his surprising secret when she finally sat down and asked him. “How is it that you always make the right decisions, Dad?”, she asked. His answer was almost enigmatic. “Maria, there’s always more than one right decision.”

Now how can that be? How can there be more than one right decision?

Difficult decisions have a tendency to stop us in our tracks. We study. We ask questions. We ruminate. We worry, and we procrastinate. The more significant the ramifications, the more difficult the decision becomes. For some analyticals, there’s never enough information. For others, it’s the fear of the shame of making a wrong decision that stops progress. But Floyd was able to overcome these impediments. For Floyd, it wasn’t the decision that was the main contributor to his success or failure; it was what he did with his decision that mattered.

A decision isn’t the end of the story. A decision isn’t a final outcome. A decision is merely the beginning of a new set of opportunities, and it’s what you do with those opportunities that leads to your success.

Floyd didn’t get hung up in the decisions. He got caught up in the opportunities. Don’t worry about how your decision might be seen from hindsight;  all decisions are made only on information available at the time.  Look at decisions as foresight; ask what you can do with the opportunities your decision creates.

There is more than one right decision.

Make your best choice and go at it with everything you’ve got. Remember: the key to success isn’t found only in making right decisions, it’s what you do with those decisions that makes all the difference.


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2 Responses to How to Make The Right Decision, Every Time

  1. A nice article and I would add that decisions based upon ethics are the best way to always make the right decision!

  2. Johari says:

    This article is like an anesthetic; it kinda numbs you to the harsh pain that true reality brings. Where as I understand the value of making the best of your decisions, there are instances where you do not have enough years to recover from decisions you have made. The reality is not as simple as the ideology that is purported here. However, its nice to dream. Love Always

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