Leader or Manager: Make Up Your Mind

see Leaders create.
get link Managers construct.

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The terminology all around the internet frequently confuses the roles of leaders and managers, but the distinction is absolutely critical. Leaders create. Managers construct. Your organization should consider this in everything it does.

Into which category do you fall? Are you the leader, or are you a manager?

I know, some people will argue that these roles intertwine. I suppose that’s true to some extent. A manager can put on the leadership hat from time to time, but your first priority as manager is to make certain that processes are followed and measured, that productivity is enhanced, and that the goal is achieved.

Leaders, however, should rarely put on the hat of management. If a leader is managing, it’s either an old, bad habit or there is some lack of trust in management to get things done. Your job as the leader is to prepare for – and create – change. That’s it. If you’re doing something else, your organization is standing still. And as the rest of the world passes you by, you’re actually falling behind.

The leader’s job is to think, to create, to research, to prepare for, to envision, to dream, to study, to plan, to invent, to decide, and finally to communicate clearly. The manager’s job is to devise and oversee processes that achieve the leader’s vision, and to do so productively and profitably.

If you are the leader:

  1. Assess the current situation.
  2. Research options diligently. Get input of others from inside and outside of your organization.
  3. Develop a plan to respond to – or create – change.
  4. Crystallize and communicate your plan clearly.
  5. Guide, but let go.
  6. Rinse and repeat.

If you are the manager:

  1. Restate the plan to the leader to ensure clarity.
  2. Communicate the goals to your team.
  3. Devise and/or adjust processes to achieve the goals. Gain input from your team.
  4. Implement and manage procedures.
  5. Measure outcomes.
  6. Refine.

Leaders create.
Managers construct.

It is important to distinguish between these two roles because they are your foundation for getting things done. Where there is crossover, there is confusion and stagnation.

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4 Responses to Leader or Manager: Make Up Your Mind

  1. Larry Stadtmiller says:

    Are you saying that management is in charge of cutting the trees and leaders are in charge of determining which forest is to be cut?

  2. Jeffrey Tobin says:

    Larry. That’s a pretty nice way to say it. Not ecologically pleasant, perhaps, but nice!

  3. Deeone says:

    Hey, awesome post, my friend. I also am loving the design of your blog as well.

    I am interested though to find out in your opinion, can a person be both leader and manager? Take a blog for example. If you’re the only contributor and author at the moment; aren’t you actually doing just that, leading and managing? Or would you say it all depends on the the type of blog or website one has? I only ask because some days I find myself being both, as you described it in the attributes of a leader and a manager.

    I loved the read though, mate. I shall definitely be returning to read and share more. Good stuff! All the best to you.

    • Jeffrey Tobin says:

      In reality, you are right, especially in very small businesses. An entrepreneur like yourself must wear many hats. The purpose of this article is to create as clear a distinction of the two roles as possible. The real world isn’t always just that clean. But the important factor is to remain aware of the two roles… to be certain that you aren’t getting caught up in the wrong place. The fact that you’ve responded to me as you have means that you are aware of these roles, and know how to apply them in your own life and work.

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