Winning The Human Race I am not ready for this. The last time I ran a mile was probably 35 years ago. But at 55 years of age, here I go — my first 5k race.

On the return trip from my son Josh’s fourth marathon, he invited me to join him and his fiancee in an upcoming 5k race. Most experts recommend a first-time 5k training period of at least at least 8 weeks. I had only 18 days.

So I stupidly agreed.

That was 15 days ago, and the race is this weekend. These past two weeks of training have been challenging, to say the least. But I’ve learned that my foot race is something related to the rat race, and I hope you can learn from it, too.

  1. Закладки кокаин в Омутнинске Any race is not against someone else; it’s against yourself. I don’t know if I’ll achieve my goal pace, but I do know that I can’t go any faster than I am able. And the discovery of my greatest abilities is the race that I’m in to win.
    Even when your best performance doesn’t win the race, it’s still your best performance. And when you do your best, you always win. Yes, it’s good to have strong challengers, but the win is in the knowledge that you performed at your highest level. You are always your greatest competitor.
  2. Don’t go it alone. I knew nothing about running a few days ago. Since then, I’ve recruited and learned from a number of experienced runners who are not only willing to help me, but are also exceedingly enthusiastic about my progress. Best of all, they love the opportunity to be helpful!
    One thing I’ve learned about running is that I hate it! This is why I’ve really needed mentors. They motivate me because they know I’ve made the commitment to myself and to them. Their participation educates and motivates them, as well as me. Whom can you recruit as your mentors?
  3. Success feeds on your desire. I wonder daily if I can keep going in spite of the significant challenges, both physical and mental.  It’s an interesting test of my self-discipline. I am driven to finish this challenge until, and unless, my body stops me. My desire comes from having made the commitment.
    My self-perception is at stake here. This is my driver and my desire. Self-perception is what fuels my success. What is your strong desire?

Perhaps it is silly for me to have taken on this challenge. Time is short and I wonder if I will finish the race. What I do know is that even these few days before the race, I have already won.

I will always perform at my best when I commit to the race against myself.

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3 Responses to Winning The Human Race

  1. Elaine Savoldi says:

    Wow, good for you. Good luck in the race. . .!

  2. Fred says:

    Well, I didn’t see your name in the obits. Congratulations on starting AND finishing.

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