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Leader or Manager: Make Up Your Mind

here Leaders create. Managers construct. That’s all I really have to say this week, so if you really, really get it, you can stop reading now. If you have any questions about this, please read on. The terminology all around the … Continue reading Купить Спиды Маркс

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The Dark Side of the Moon

see “We choose to go to the moon.” President John F. Kennedy spoke these words on September 12, of 1962.  The bewildered crowd of 35,000 people rose up in anger, wondering why he would set such an irrational goal. They threw … Continue reading
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Winning The Human Race I am not ready for this. The last time I ran a mile was probably 35 years ago. But at 55 years of age, here I go — my first 5k race. On the return trip from my son Josh’s … Continue reading

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