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The Perversity of Diversity How would you feel if I were to announce suddenly that I am a conservative Republican and a Christian? How about if I said I am a liberal Democrat and an atheist? One way or the other, some of my … Continue reading losing my mind перевод
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Oh My! Passion in the Workplace! сколько просмотров на ютуб “Real Passion in the Workplace.” “When Employee Engagement Becomes a Public Affair.” “Be Passionate to Become Sexessful.” Sorry, these article titles aren’t what I meant by “passion in the workplace.”  Passion is important in our work, but it should be passion for your work. … Continue reading

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I Succeed Because I Fail

где пройти санминимум в тюмени “Hey, you’re really good at this!” When you speak these words, you may well be increasing the likelihood that the person you wish to motivate will stop making progress. Who woulda’ thought? It’s been proven time and time again that … Continue reading

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