Twilight Zoned

70 граммов гашиша и 8 килограммов марихуаны купить Метамфетамин Яранск When I was a young man, I had a paper route. Mine was in a very small town where our coolest technology was a blinking traffic light that hung in the main intersection. This was back in the late 60’s; I was perhaps 12. There in Western Pennsylvania, winters were cold and dark. Sometimes I’d be all alone — the only moving object on a silent street where the deep blanket of snow was dotted with the cold fuzzy glow of streetlights above. It was at times like this that I’d imagine that all the world had disappeared, and that I was the only living soul left on the planet.

go to site This always freaked me out.

(Well what do you expect from a 12 year old kid without an iPod or cell phone?)

Anyway, as I sat down to write today, I had a strangely clear memory of all of this. And surprisingly, it made me think of you. Here’s why:

I want you to try to freak yourself out for a minute. It’s for good reason, but in order for it to work, you really need to be by yourself, alone in a quiet place. You can continue reading this article when you’re there.

Okay, so here’s the freaky thing. Pretend for a moment that you’ve disappeared. You can’t reach anyone else on the planet. No cell phone. No email. No texting. Nothing. In fact, the last words you spoke to anyone were the last words you spoke, period. As far as the world is concerned, you’ve suddenly disappeared, never to return.

So what’s going on in your head right now (aside from thinking I’m a loon)? You’re probably thinking about your loved ones.  Going a bit deeper, you’re regretting some conversations you’ve had, times when you’ve acted poorly, and the bad choices you’ve made in your life. You have some “I’m sorry”‘s to say, some “thank you”‘s to express. But it’s too late. Sorry about that. No one can hear you any more.

If you have an ounce of humanity in you, you’re feeling pretty stinky right about now. This is a lot of baggage that you’ve needed to clean up. It’s not helpful either at work or play, so let’s clear out some of that baggage and lighten your load right now, shall we? Here’s all you need to do:

  • get something to write on
  • start a list of everything that’s coming to mind right now: the apology you need to make, the people you really need to thank, or from whom you need forgiveness. A teacher, a friend or colleague who changed your life, a spouse, a child, a mentor or a villain.  Just write until the thoughts stop popping into your head
  • get a pack of thank you cards and some blank cards and envelopes.
  • hand write a brief and sincere note to each person. If something is so emotionally raw or difficult that you can’t do anything with it, write it out and put it away somewhere safe
  • send out your cards. Phone calls work also

That’s it! As you send them out, you’ll brush away all of the associated dirt, dust and grime that has collected in your mind and heart over the years. You will feel more free of guilt and be enveloped by a sense of joy all at once.

see url It will change everything. And others will notice.

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3 Responses to Twilight Zoned

  1. Dave Getz says:

    Hand write. What’s that?

    Phone calls aren’t as good as writing, because the recipient of a note can keep it. Talking in person is pretty good too because you can make eye contact during the conversation.

    I’ve often encouraged my 20-something kids to write notes instead of sending an email to thank someone. I often get a blank stare in return. It must be a generational thing.
    Good advice as usual, Jeffrey!

    • Jeffrey Tobin says:

      Thank you, David. I have to agree with you about the hand-written notes. I certainly keep the cards I have received, and once in a while I’ll look through them. They remind me that I do have an effect on people. I am also reminded that I can – and certainly have – had a negative effect on some. This is a sad but unavoidable fact of life. I want my legacy will be one of providing hope and perspective, positive motivation and inspiration. Sometimes the thank you cards are the very inspiration I need, myself.

  2. Larry Stadtmiller says:

    I have practically every card ever sent to me. I treasure each and every one. I don’t send nearly as many cards as I should. I certainly believe they are appreciated by the recipients. Thanks for the reminder to get with it and say thanks to those who have positively affected me in the bumpy journey through life.

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