V is for Victory! Or is it Victim?

There are two kinds of change: one kind is foisted upon you. The other is created by you. Have you ever stopped to consider which one defines your life? If you hate your work, find your co-workers to be inept and gain no joy from going to the office, you live in the first category. You let yourself be the victim. You allow change to be poured on you like cold molasses. It binds you, slows you down, drains your energy and causes you to feel like – well you know – a horse patootie.

If you enjoy your work, value your co-workers, and look forward to getting into the office, you’re probably a creator of change.

This is important, because on the scale of victim or victor, I find the needle leaning toward “victim” for way too many people. It may be subtle. To some it may even go unnoticed. But too many people allow the course of their work lives to be drawn by others, not by their own hands.

Given the choice, which would you choose?

Well, you DO have the choice. You CAN make change happen. You ARE in charge. Your choice is a simple one: it’s whether or not you want to do something about it.

If you are a responder to change, one who waits for the next thing to happen, you can’t help but be a victim; you allow the world to direct your life. But if you truly want to take control of your life and you really want to change, here are some words of encouragement for you. And if you already are an agent of change, this is some food for thought:

  • Your boss needs you – or someone like you. He needs you because either he doesn’t know what you know about what you do, or doesn’t have time to do it himself. This puts you in a great place.
  • You don’t have to wait for your boss to tell you what to do next. She’s got plenty on her mind as it is and should welcome good ideas. It’s likely that she really needs them.
  • You can use your brain. Do some research. Become the expert. Generate some ideas. Don’t wait for the boss. He’s an idiot. Be a consultant and tell him what he needs to know.
  • You can create a business plan. Go online and find a standard business plan outline. Fill it out: it doesn’t have to be complicated. Shove it in your boss’s face and tell her, “Here’s the plan. Here’s the result you will get. Here’s what I need to make it happen.”

You will either get fired or you’ll get a raise. Either way, you win. You don’t want to work for someone who can’t handle a brilliant star like you who is smarter that he is. And in your little domain, you SHOULD be that brilliant star. At the very least, you’ll be more of an expert after having gone through the process. You’ll be more hireable.

So which are you, a horse’s patootie or a change-maker? I tell all of my clients:

“If you want something to change, you’ve got to change something.”

So if YOU want something to change, don’t wait for the boss. Don’t sit on your butt and mope. Do something about it. If you can’t or won’t do something about it, I’d like to hear your reasoning. There’s plenty of space in the comments area below. I’ll be waiting.

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