Breaking “The Law of Distraction”

source link go Are you vibrating? I mean right now…are you vibrating?

go A few years ago, Jerry and Esther Hicks wrote what they call, “The Law of Attraction”. In short, their concept is that everything in the universe is energy. This includes us, of course. (Einstein didn’t have a problem with that, so neither do I.) But Jerry and Esther add that as a result of our existence as a form of energy, we can will, direct and manifest the energy around us as we see fit. They teach that we can create just about anything. If one wants money, one can effectively will it into existence. If one wants a toaster… …well, I think I’d just skip right to manifesting the toast and save a step.

go here The Law of Attraction states that one can attract wealth, fame, fortune or hickory nuts. You are limited only by the bounds of your creativity. I’m having some fun with this idea for a reason. Imagine everything you can possibly think of, all floating around in space, all of it available to you at any time. For each step you take into your future, you look at the myriad options and pick out what you need for that next moment. With all of those options, it would be nigh impossible to make a decision, and you’d be more likely to make the wrong one.

ск соли If I could manifest any thing, I’d end up any where. Now draw an imaginary line between where you are, and where you eventually want to be in your life. When you have real clarity about your destination, and I mean precise, written-out-in-long-hand clarity about your destination, there are fewer distractions. The myriad options and opportunities that float around in the sky either snap right onto your line, or they fall away forever.

Купить фенамин Вихоревка You don’t need to attract them. Just get rid of everything else.

follow link What books shall I read? What movies shall I watch? What friends, food, school, car, and credentials, should I have, eat, attend, drive and gain? Where should I work? What can I give? How will I play? The answers come easily when the destination is crystal clear. Yes, the options are much more limited, but they are limited only to the right options!

Чашники купить иней As you move along the line between where you are and where you want to go, make life easier on yourself: stop vibrating, and start clarifying. Define your future, and violate The Law of Distraction. You will move forward with greater confidence. Not only will you see a change in yourself, but others – those who count on you – will see the change in you, too.

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6 Responses to Breaking “The Law of Distraction”

  1. Johari says:

    I am suffering from the lack of clarity in my work life. I NEED HELP!!!!! I cant put a finger on what I want to do but I am SURE that what I am doing now it NOT IT. I am unhappy, frustrated and DISTRACTED. I NEED to get out of this rut, but I honestly don’t know how. I dont want to do another course or anything new, until I have sorted out a path that’s right for me. Why can’t I WILL what I NEED into being.
    Love Always

    • Jeffrey Tobin says:

      Johari: Don’t feel alone! Everyone goes through this once in a while. If you’ve dealt with those feelings for some time, it can really eat at you. I’m going to send you a free copy of my “The Omega Statement” workbook. It will help you to gain a new perspective about what is, and what is not, important in your life.

  2. Thanks Jeff. This article is a great reminder of the old saying ‘If you do not know where you are going, any path will do.”
    I enjoy your articles and your writing style and wit. Thanks! Kathleen

  3. Linda Keith says:

    I had to decide if stopping to read this post would be a distraction or a good idea.

    It was a little bit of both. I am having a very focused day and yes, it helps me get things done and hit delete on most emails much quicker. Luckily, not yours!


  4. Yvette says:

    Like Linda, I wondered if it is worth the while reading. It does..It helps in terms of how you focus your time and energy towards realistic plans and goals.

    Basically, it is all about planning for the future wisely.

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