The Stiletto Principle

source site Агидель купить Коксик Mazatlan, Mexico, was the location of a vacation I took a few years ago. It was there and then that I had an experience that not only changed my life, but has since changed the lives of thousands of others.

go Guess what? You’re next, so read on. The beautiful, sunny resort sparkled with sea and sand. Palm trees dropped dark patches of cool shade on the grass, and I was in bliss. All I needed was what I had at the moment: my wife Laura, my swimming suit, sandals and a billowing white linen shirt. I relaxed for some time, but eventually headed up an elevator to grab another book from our suite.

Оленегорск купить крек I remember the elevator being rather crowded, and large woman stood directly in front of me. When two more passengers squeezed in, she shuffled backward and stepped onto the top my right foot. Thankfully, she was also wearing sandals, and I simply nodded at her kind apology.

Time that afternoon progressed slowly and peacefully. Laura and I headed back to the elevator and to our room to change for dinner. To my surprise, I found myself once again behind the large woman; this time she was impeccably dressed to the nines, all in black, white pearls… and stiletto heels.

You can probably imagine what happened next, but you can probably not imagine the excruciating pain I felt when her entire body weight — focused now on the one-half inch square of the pencil-like heel of her right shoe — came down on the top of my largely unprotected right foot.

I’d never heard such a sound come out of my body. It was as if a hundred years of bile and foment suddenly turned into hideous unintelligible screams and frightening guttural clamor.  My tirade filled the elevator so thickly that one could almost see the letters hanging in the air.

Okay…got the picture?

What struck me first was the pain. But what struck me later that evening hit even harder: Same woman. Same weight. Same effort. Vastly different result. Without so much as a thought, the significance of her presence there was multiplied a thousand-fold. Put simply, she applied all of her (forgive me now) “assets”, into a very small area.

So how about you? How do you use your assets… your assets of time, people and resources? What different results would you get if you put all of your “weight” into the stiletto-like focus of one or two goals? You’d expend no more effort, but you’d have a significantly greater impact.

My Stiletto Principle(TM) can be expressed as a formula:

E=(R/O) Where click here Effectiveness is equal to the total of your Resources, divided by your go here Objectives. The fewer goals over which you spread your resources, the greater your effectiveness. It’s as easy as that.

I hope you’ll apply The Stiletto Principle in your life and in your work. You will find that you can have a much greater effect without working any harder.

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  1. Thanks Jeff, I added the Stiletto Principle to my book of formulae.

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