Are You Wearing a Kryptonite Necklace?

Ивангород купить Рафинад Спайс Новокуйбышевск We have everything we need to make progress: books, CD training, DVD training, podcasts, magazines, e-zines, blogs, video blogs, newsletters, RSS feeds and webinars. I mean really, a person with a 5th grade reading level could practically get a PhD just by bumping around the internet. You and I have everything we need to make significant, meaningful progress.

Закладки спайса в ярославле So why don’t we make the progress we could? One reason may be “The Kryptonite Necklace”. You remember Kryptonite, right? It was the one substance that could bring Superman to his knees. (Well, that and Lois Lane.) The danger is that Kryptonite can bring you down as well.

Закладки героин в Гурьевске My friend Larry Catlos and I used to attend The Strategic Coach (Dan Sullivan, Toronto) coaching sessions to work on our businesses. Each quarter Larry and I would bring home new learning and insights, excited about implementing our ideas. Larry once quipped that he often felt like Superman when he left those sessions, only to have the Kryptonite Necklace placed on his shoulders when he got back to the office. Our daily office regimen and old habits acted like Kryptonite upon both of us; they took away our strength and we were at their mercy.

врн купить Кока Sound familiar? It’s one of the most common ailments in business. The weight of the organization hangs on our necks and keeps us from making progress. As I noted at the outset, there are plenty of solutions out there, but it’s not answers we need; it’s accountability. Few people really enjoy accountability, but everyone needs it. Our own human nature is our Kryptonite. An accountability partner can take away its power, so that you can regain yours.

get link Here is my recipe for Kryptonite repellent:

  1. Find a friend  – outside of your company or organization – who is a trusted advocate of yours
  2. Tell that person that you want to increase your achievements dramatically, and that you need someone to hold you accountable for your work activities
  3. Explain that you’d like to meet regularly with that someone to discuss openly and frankly your immediate, intermediate and long-term goals
  4. Tell that person that you want someone who will check to see that your actions always address your goals
  5. Explain further that you wish to be held accountable to the calendar, to get things done on time
  6. Ask that person if they would be willing to act as your accountability partner and tell him/her why he/she is the best person for that
  7. Schedule a first meeting (coffee or a meal) to work out the details. And remember, you’re buyin’.

enter site Accountability doesn’t involve much time for either party. The practice does, however, have a powerful effect. You’ll act, because you know someone else is checking. Keep the power of accountability with you at all times. It will rip the Kryptonite Necklace from your shoulders and you will regain your superpowers in no time.

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