Inter-dependence Day

Стрежевой купить Снег see As we celebrate our independence today in the US, I reflect on the lack of inter-dependence I find in our nation. The process of becoming One as a nation in 1776 came with plenty of anger, in-fighting, vitriol and name-calling. Sadly, we find the same today.

click here My prayer is that more of us will find ways to express our views without the need to vilify the opposition, to refrain from the use of divisive name-calling. I propose that we hold each other to account: state your views clearly and without inflammatory language. Make your case without bashing the opposition. Convince rather than castigate. If we truly wish to be one people, one body, we can start by regaining civility. One way to do that is to state our positions through the sieve of respect. Independence as One starts with inter-dependence on each other.

And I’m depending on you.


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