How to Be Attractive in 4 Easy Steps

Спайс в Люберцы source Does this dress make my butt look fat? Am I tall enough? My nose is too big. My breasts are too small. If only I could look like him/her… What a horrible existence we live when we focus on outward appearance only. Is there really value in being an attractive empty shell? Think of those who have gained celebrity on almost nothing but their looks alone: Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Snooki. They may be interesting distractions, but attractive? Not really.

go When I think of being attractive, I think of people I know who make a difference. They are confident, at peace, they have a sense of direction and courage. Attractive people exude integrity and command respect. But their “celebrity” comes from who they are, not necessarily their looks.

follow There are many attributes that describe attractiveness in this sense. But they are all really the result of a handful of character traits that you can master. The good news is that one mustn’t seek to embody myriad positive attributes; those attributes are all the natural outcome of embodying the following few:

  • Self-knowledge: Be aware of your biases. Discover and accept your strengths and weaknesses. Pay attention to times at which others come to you for the value you provide them. Consider yourself from the perspective of the third person: how you act, respond to others, and identify your attractive and not-so-attractive habits
  • Simplicity: Reduce your number of goals. Rather than spread your physical, intellectual and temporal assets all over the place, pick one or two important goals and focus on them alone. Don’t be distracted
  • Self-acceptance: I have plenty of faults; some of them have caused me great regret. I don’t like these faults, but they are a part of my humanity. Some years ago, I took great leaps forward when I finally accepted that faults are a part of who I am. I can try to diminish them, but I am a much stronger person now that I embrace these faults as a part of myself. I’ve also learned to embrace my gifts and skills in the same package
  • Respect: Respect of others means to act in kindness and with empathy toward them. One can be at the same time both strong and empathetic. Give attribution to others when due. Say please and thank you. Listen, don’t just hear. And look for ways to be helpful to others

If you want to be attractive, keep these four thoughts in front of you daily. Simply by remaining mindful of them, you will find that you attract more people, ideas, confidence and success.



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