Don’t Do What You Love Купить россыпь в Светлом Crazy as it sounds, I believe it is ill-advised to do what you love for a living. I love music and have an exceptional ear, but I don’t have the patience or self-discipline to practice, practice, practice. I would love the ability to sit down at my piano and kick out any song I like, playing it by ear. Am I capable? Yes. Will I ever? Naaaaaa.
I’ll probably never be an expert jazz pianist, but it’s not because of a lack of talent; it’s because I know myself. As Clint Eastwood once said, “a man’s got to know his limitations”. I have the ability and love of music, but trying to do what I love would just about kill me.  I’d burn up a tremendous amount of energy, and there would be absolutely no joy in the process.

go to link Seeking to do something you love is not the answer. The idea is too limiting and risks a black and white “I am doing what I love” or “I am not doing what I love” mentality. There is another way.

source If your goal is to enjoy your work, then seek ways to get things done using methods that suit your abilities, gifts, drives and interests. Don’t be dismayed because you are a 50 year old junior editor at your newspaper who really wants to be a veterinarian. Might you be able to make the jump? Perhaps. But it is more likely that you can love your work by discovering how to do it in a way that fits your uniquenesses.  The result of this is to have a life that you love right now. What you do for a living is not the only consideration. How you do what you do is the real key to happiness right now. Before you jump from your current job to “do what you love,” think about how you might do what you do now, but in ways that you’d love to do it.  Here’s how:

  1. write down what you do best
  2. write down what you kinda stink at doing
  3. consider and write down what others see in you and why they come to you
  4. determine how you are most naturally helpful to others
  5. re-write your current job description as a “goal description”. Not a list of what you do, create a short list of the perfect outcomes of your role
  6. condense your list of excellent attributes (numbers 1 – 4 above)
  7. write a few sentences about how you will use your gifts to accomplish your job

купить Метадон Солнечногорск When you excel at something, others take notice. Don’t limit yourself to a stupid job description. Focus on your objectives, and ask yourself how you would accomplish them if you had complete freedom to do so. This is the master key to leadership, no matter how high or low you are on the totem pole.

Do what you love? No. Rather, do what you do in a way that you love it. Now we talkin’!

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