“Stuck” Sucks

enter Superheros get stuck, too!Chances are you are stuck; otherwise, you’d not be reading this. There are a bazillion advisors out who talk about how to make progress, to take the next step, to achieve the goal of your dreams (and other such folderol). Most of it is a waste of time and might only make you get “stucker.”

The best ideas are also the most simple. If you’re stuck, here’s all you need:

http://qualidadecontraincendio.com.br/mark/482.html Principle # 1: Continuing Education
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You cannot grow without continuing education. It is my contention that all business development has its roots in life-long learning. And the best way to do this is to have someone bring learning to you.

You don’t have time to dredge around, blindly running into chunks of unconnected material. Decide to attend a series of seminars that target your particular interests. Seek out an ongoing program with an appropriate curriculum and attend it regularly.

It will cost you time and money, but when you make a commitment to continuing learning, you don’t need to worry about this investment. You’ll get it back in spades.

Principle #2: Planning

Make planning both a priority and a regular and ongoing event. When weeks begin to look the same, it’s time to get away and do some thinking.

Get out of the office. Shut off your cell phone. Ask yourself the really big questions: “Why am I really doing this?” “Is this helping me to become the person I want to become?” “What’s working and what’s not?” “What else do I need?”

Get away and do planning at least once every quarter. Forget about what you have and think about what you need. List the challenges you face and brainstorm some solutions. You’ll only make progress in this regard if you “disappear” for a day and look at your challenges from the outside.

Do planning. Your mind craves this kind of stimulation and it won’t disappoint you with ideas.

Principle #3: Peer Experience and Counsel

Isolation is a killer. You need some buddies and you need them now. I’ve found the best solution to be peer-to-peer groups. They are small groups of like-minded people who want to grow and help others to grow as well. These groups have a well-spring of knowledge that’s nearly impossible to find in any other setting.

Imagine having your own personal board of directors and band of consultants who’ve already dealt with circumstances similar to yours. Think of how you’d benefit from the advice of years of others’ experiences.

Meet monthly or quarterly – whatever suits your needs. What’s most important is that you make a commitment to meeting with others. It’s like food for the entrepreneurial soul.

Principle #4: Accountability

Activity is not progress. You have to keep yourself on track with activities that are directed toward a few, thoughtfully selected goals. For most of the people, most of the time, this is a very difficult challenge.

To answer the challenge, you must find people to whom you can be accountable. Talk about your goals. Expose yourself a little bit and tell about your objectives. Explain the routes you plan to take to reach your goals.

Find a trusted friend and hold yourself accountable. Identify a few tasks that you plan to accomplish and give a finite deadline. Most people don’t want accountability because of a fear of failure. You can use that fear as a catalyst to drive you to your goals faster than you’ve ever imagined.

Making the choice to become accountable may just turn out to be the single most powerful decision you make about your future.

Don’t be distracted by the myriad voices touting “how to make progress.” Just do the basics above. It’s all you’ll ever need to soar above the mud.

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