Go Away!

http://gkorneket.ru/lgov-kupit-rafinad.html source url The best way for you to make true progress is to stop trying to make progress. I know, it seems paradoxical, but my guess is that you intuitively know it to be true. The best way to make progress is to stop trying.

source site Think about it; great leaps forward happen most frequently when we aren’t even trying. In the shower. While driving. When walking on the beach. Upon waking in the morning. We gain clarity about our future when we get away mentally. Why does this happen? It’s all about the noise.

The noise of our everyday activities drowns out – and overwhelms – our creative processes. It’s like listening to soothing music while standing next to a jet engine; the maddening roar of the mechanism overcomes the joy of the music. We are distracted. Frustrated. Agitated.

The only way to hear the music is to go away.

This is true about your business. The best way to gain clarity is to go away.  Your business is the jet engine. Clarity about your future is the music. If you want true clarity, you must get away from your business. If you want to make progress, regress; step back and regain your perspective.

I spend time with our participants one full day each quarter and we all get away from the noise. It’s the paradox: to make progress, stop. This has to be done because otherwise, nothing changes.

You can do this too. Follow my model:

  • Get away. No cell phone. No interruptions
  • Learn. Read. Listen
  • Get input from others. Meet. Talk. Then listen intently
  • Plan. Use your learning to gain clarity
  • Set goals. Make them clear and measurable
  • Be accountable. Describe your goals and set deadlines
  • Return. Revisit your goals regularly. Quarterly. Accountably

My experience with business owners and entrepreneurs is that this process is essential. Successful business people get away from the noise. They seek insights from others. Afterward, they plan effectively and become accountable.

So here’s my invitation to you: Go away! Go away from your business. Escape isolation. Get away from the noise and enjoy the music – the music that only you can compose.


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