When Socrates Was Wrong

Голицыно купить Коксик No one ever teaches another anything. All we do is allow them to discover the truth for themselves.
-attr: Socrates

купить Орех Прохладный At first, I thought, “who am I to argue with Socrates?” Who would openly demure from such ancient wisdom?

go I would.

Клин купить Шмыг This quote, attributed to Socrates, tells us that we cannot teach others anything, and that all we can do is to allow people to discover truth on their own. As leaders, it is our obligation actively to help others discover the truth, especially about themselves. We otherwise “allow” them – as this quote states – to spend much of their lives living undiscovered.

Купить Герасим Иваново How can you solve the problem? Here are a few places to start:

  • Lead people to resources like Tom Rath’s StrengthsFinder 2.0
  • Give them this unique self-assessment: Kolbe.com for the “Kolbe A” index
  • Help them to gather objective, clearly stated opinions of the value they bring to friends, family and work
  • State and restate the value that others in your organization bring to the table. This will help to develop an appreciation of the uniqueness of each individual, and for individuals to accept – and offer – their own uniqueness to others

http://www.dev.tssil.com/update/makujota.html True leaders actively lead people to discover truths about themselves. At the same time, the best leaders guide individuals in the application of those truths in ways that serve the individual, other individuals, and the organization. This is how we are to serve.

Was Socrates wrong? I think so, but you’d probably need to ask his wife to see if it was a habit.

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